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love has no expectations [entries|friends|calendar]

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i'm leaving this one [Jul2006]
i moved, jalisastwin
feel like coming with me?
i found my unrelated long lost sister

we dont need another myspace. [Jul0706]
[ mood | blah ]


[ mood | curious ]

· I’m pretty damn close to graduation and well I’m excited.
· I need to download my pictures from FL.
· I also need to pay $48.00 for going to whack ass Universal Studios. Yeah I said whack.
· Sucks to be me right? Yeah.
· But hey I’m still graduating right?
· Yeah, excited. My girlfriend isn’t though.
· I might just break up with her, wonder how she’ll take it.
· She’s my heart, but it’s hurting me to leave her, waiting for me.
· She deserves more.

HeartBURN. [Jun1206]
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PURE SEXINESS, thought I needed to post this

I Like It, But I Don't Need It [Mar0606]
[ mood | crushed ]

I've lived life, and didn't even appreciate it. Then it's stupid that I expect that for people to treat me otherwise. I mean honestly, I can go through a day and my grandmom acts as though my existence is unnessecary.
Sometimes, I dont even disagree, then I just feel this perpetual state of loniliness day in and day out. I hate it. I want some purpose, some calling, some obligation. I'm sure I'll get the feedback of "You've Got Too Much Time, on your hands" or "This is just a phase".
But the Rejection, Neglection, and anything else that ends with -tion hurts, like hell.
There's so many doctrines going around, ones telling me that my every thoughts DONT AGREE with this, others that tell me that being the way I am is against nature. (the homosexaulity), and I don't understand. I've tried so hard to be optomistic and love life. But for right now, I need to chill.


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